Vaemi, which is an institution that develops electronic musical instruments and synthesizers, came into life in Istanbul in 2020. Founded by the brothers Efe Çakır and Tunç Çakır, Vaemi aims to produce studio-quality analog devices, vacuum tube instruments and effects, logic synthesizers, small lo-fi synthesizers and utility circuits. We make our own designes, and we are working on developing a new system. While doing that, we also endeavour to revive the the instruments and circuits which are adored, and which have stayed hidden in progress from the past to the present day. In this ever-growing electronic equipment industry, we prefer through hole (DIP) technology over surface-mount technology for reasons such as its sound quality and longevity. We have our sights trained on transmitting our high quality and handmaid instruments, produced with well-selected components, to Turkey and every other country in the world for a reasonable price.

We will be releasing our Eurorack modules soon. The first eurorack module we will release will be the thruzero VCO. We hope you like it. We aim to be more active in 2022. There are 4 products that we have released before. You can visit our www.vaemi.net address to have information about these products.






Our first instrument, El-Ma Orsted

Interesting devices! Please send updates when available. Cheers!


Çok güzel... Looking forward to the Thru Zero VCO. Please keep us updated!