Spent time last night patching Mutable Instruments Beads and had tons of fun. Here is the demo video:

It is a very deep module and tons of fun with Rings and Marbles especially! I now have an infinite tonal palette for ambient music.
I used Mutable Instruments Plaits and Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas as the audio sources and fed these into Beads and tried various settings for the grain playback. I am still learning it as well as diving deeper into Marbles and Rings. Marbles is quite the complex modulator!

Hi Sacguy71,

Oh yes, finally a video from you again! :-) I like your new style of video, did you get some new tools to make videos?

By the way, your video link here in modulargrid.net didn't seem to work, I managed to watch it on YouTube though. Hmm, and around 4:30 I am getting an error from YouTube saying: An error occurred. Please try again later.

He, he, the musical change around 1+ minute is fun. Thanks a lot for demoing the Beads module, hopefully the issues with YouTube will be solved and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield.

Yes, I am using iMovie on my Macbook to edit videos to improve content and quality. That makes life way easier and let's me add things not possible otherwise. Youtube is funny it may have been still processing the final version of the video after I uploaded it. Beads is super fun! I have perfect modular ambient machine in Mutable Instruments Beads, Plaits, Rings and Marbles. I want to try the new filter Blades with it in the future.

Cool stuff. Thanks for the commentary at the end. I'm often listening to stuff and, you know, looking at all those patch cables everywhere (newbie) and wondering what is going on. Cheers.

You are welcome, I love teaching my lessons learned on modular. I fixed the settings on the video so hopefully now you can view from here. Beads is tons of fun with Rings and Marbles!