The complete Behringer System 15 as in the original Moog System 15. Only extras added: Pico Out (so you can use your headphones), Milky Way ( so you can have onboard reverb or echo), and Behringer CM1A ( so that you can connect a keyboard to the system via MIDI to CV). All fitted like a glove inside an 84HP 9U. :)

Check out the Frequency Central Stasis Leak, also...fits the slot for the Endorphin, and saves you $30. Yeah, it only does delay, reverb, and chorus, but if you want to use the Stasis Leak AND get a delay line, swap the 3hp blank for an Erica PICO BBD.

Otherwise, this is brilliant. Seeing how the B. modules can be configured like the original Moog systems will hopefully make more people curious about how all of that works.