Hi again, a couple more experiments.



Inscrumental music for prickly pears.

Hi Baltergeist,

Your track "Uncanny Valley Draft" is just gorgeous! What a lovely nice, relaxed track. I could hear a track like this all day long, brings me back down to earth :-)

The "Bells Of Saint Confusus" is a great track too, in another way though. I love the experimental level of this track and the quite funny sounds; I love funny sounds! :-) Surprisingly after having listened at this track and after a hard day work, nice relaxed too, after these two tracks I feel I can handle another day... tomorrow, here I come...

All in all lovely to listen at and I don't mind more coming from your hands! Thank you very much for that and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thank you, Garfield! Your always kind words are much appreciated!

Inscrumental music for prickly pears.