Some notes: The DR-670 drum machine is controlled by the BeatStep Pro (BSP), while the Mother 32 set the underlying song structure. I use the the Filter 8 again as a sub bass whose envelope is gated by the Rebel Technology Stoicheia Euclidean rhythm generator, which is given initial clock by the M32, which is synced to the BSP. I have used the Filter 8 for the bass notes twice now, and I really can't say enough about the clarity and variety of beat the Filter 8/Stoicheia combo provides. The backing key synth lines are of course the microKorg and the Little Phatty Stage II, looped with a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. The first sequencer of the BSP controls the trigger for the traditional bouncing ball patch that runs from the Make Noise Maths to Mutable Instruments Plaits, which is then made stereo, with the left channel going directly into the left channel of aMake Noise Mimeophon, while the right channel passes through a Doepfer Wasp before going into the right channel of the Mimeophon. The second sequencer of the BSP controls the Synthesis Technology's Circuit Bent VCO, which flows into a Mutable Instruments Clouds.

The track, while obviously cheerful in structure, upon closer inspection reveals that it is tough to keep it together. Things fall apart. I play a lot with hyper-melodic lines that overlay one another, like a stratification of melody that gives it depth. I find that this approach reveals the often melancholic qualities of otherwise happy sounds. It may be tough to hear it at first, but after a while, it is all I can hear.

Happy Birthday Earth Modular Society. Thanks for being there for me.

Hi Fred,

A lovely start of the track, nice happy music indeed :-) Not sure where the tough part is for listening, everything I enjoyed! You got a nice interlude around 9:30+ with some funny sounds. Just before 14:00 you pickup speed and rhythm again, ha, ha, around there you are using tons of effects, pretty funny and wild!

Thanks a lot for the detailed notes about the setup for this too, interesting to read as well as a big thank you for sharing this with us. Kind regards, Garfield.

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