Hi Folks! I haven't been on the site too much recently, but I am looking forward to listening to all the new tracks posted. I've been focusing on learning recently purchased modules (Bloom, Chord v2, and the mighty Doepfer A-151 Sequential Switch), as well as trying new production techniques. I really wanted to take a stab at long form ambient, so I submit this example. It's looooong, but that was the point. It's another installment of my Star Trek dialog manglings. Drop it on in the background or throw on some headphones and zone out. Hope you like it as much as I do. Cheers!


The core foundation for this is a patch I developed on the M32/Subharmonicon. I then layered on a load of other stuff from the modular and again used Pigments 3 to do the granular treatment on the voice. So much of the work on this version was all about removing stuff I initially layered on, to reduce density and have some ebbing/flowing of sections. It was a lot of fun to work on and I definitely want to do more.

Wonderful. A really great exploration. Thanks for sharing this. 👍

Great headphone listening, loving the pads and evolving melodies, nice insight about peeling back the layers... sometimes easy to forget on a modular!

Thank you Mowse and Troux. Yes, it is definitely better in headphones. I probably heard it 30 times through my good set and completely vegged out. ;-)