Is this just an alternative panel for the original module?


I'm also wondering about the details !

Given the age of this thread you may already know that this is a V2 of the original BI - 2 hp slimmer, a couple of extra CV inputs for Skin/Liquid (new)/Metal texture selection and Bass/Alto/Treble range. IIRC the knobs are attenuators now, not offsets.

Gotta say... this is a fun module, but has A LOT of hype around "the gate trick". Owned it for a while, and despite the fun factor, it sounded brittle/digital/harsh in many applications. That may make it perfect for you... but it became an interesting and expensive trick for me. Had to move on. May buy again one day... but not missing it much.

It's a fun module. But I've found it hard to incorporate with other sounds as it always seems to want to dominate everything around it. It has some unique and inspiring qualities... but trying to put a saddle on it and ride it around is pretty difficult.