An experiment with some new stuff I've acquired over the last couple of months: The mighty Doepfer A-151 Sequential Switch, Qu-Bit Bloom, Qu-Bit Chord V2 and Frap Tools Brenso. I got the A-151 so I could replicate the osc round robbin feature of the Sequential Pro 3 witch is an effect I really love. I just got Brenso a week ago, so there's a lot to learn on that, but it is mega!

For track 1, Rene is feeding note CV to Piston Honda Osc A and B as well as to Plaits and using Plaits two outputs. Those oscillators are getting the same exact sequence which is split by the clock and the switch.The sequence is 11 steps, so each time a different note value is sent to a different oscillator at a different time. The two PH outputs are fed into Bionic Lester, then into Chronoblob which has its Mix level modulated by an LFO. The two Plaits outputs go to Vult Freak, then to Mimeophon where its Mix level is modulated by a different LFO. The four outputs are panned 9:00, 1:00, 11:00 and 3:00 so they bounce around the stereo field. Rene is feeding a second sequence to Chord V2 and I have the main out into Ripples and the Root and Fifth outs to QPAS.

For track 2, Bloom is feeding a long-ish branched sequence to Brenso going into QPAS. Various modulation for QPAS and Brenso parameters. Track 3 is a short bass sequence into Brenso into Freak, fed by a Keystep. Drums are pieced together and modified from EZ Drummer.

The video shows Studio One and the automation lanes. Track one is the core track, so it's simple, but for dynamics, tracks 2 and 3 levels are in and out a lot. The automation on the drums is for adding some chorus effects.


Hi TumeniKnobs,

This is a great track, one that gives a lot of positive energy, I like that. It's fun to listen at it and it's very playful. Nice video too, it tells me that I need to investigate a bit more into my Studio One ;-) I am currently only using it for importing the recording from the SD card (from a PreSonus mixer) and exporting it then to a stereo WAV file... need to make more use of it I realise :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks for the very kind comments Garfield, as always. :-)