Using eurorack Serge for all of the modular sounds combined with a couple percussion tracks and guitar.

All the best

Hi Cmb_,

Great beginning of the track, I love that, all those funny and weird sounds, somehow that fits so well! :-)

If I may reply in the same kind of fun style as the music sounds, at least to me it does sound like a lot of fun :-) The below is meant as a compliment by the way!

To me it sounds you use a plastic PET bottle, inside you managed to put a mouse and with your both hands you are trying to kind of wrangle the plastic bottle however, clearly, the mouse is protesting. Then you take a saw to cut iron and you are trying to cut that plastic bottle with that saw however the mouse has some super powers and stops you from doing that ;-)

The music style reminds me a lot of what I have heard back in January 2021 (Earth date system) when I visited planet Tryondip 59E. Yeah good stuff, I don't mind to hear more of that, brings back some good old memories. Were you by any chance on Tryondip too? Kind regards, Garfield.

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Hello Garfield,

Thanks for the colorful narrative. That was a fun read and I am glad that you found some fun in the track. Never been to Tryondip 59E but sounds like it is worth a trip.

All the best