Just enough time this for a quick session on the Moogs.

Hi Mowse,

There are some (very) rare situations where one has to listen more than once to realise...

How damn well this track works! :-) Great little track, I just pressed the third time the play button and enjoy in one way the simplicity of it, yet the other way the complexity of it, no idea how you managed to do that, but it sounds great to me! :-)

I guess you will release soon an album on Bandcamp? ;-) As long as this track is part of it, I am okay with it! :-D

Thanks a lot for this great enjoyable moment and kind regards, Garfield.

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That’s frigging awesome! I love the transition that happens at around 2:40. The detune effect is magic. This concept could totally be stretched out and not get boring. Cheers!

Hey, thanks! Really glad you both enjoyed it. ✌️