Im thinking of letting go of my Verbos Multi Delay Processsor. I really LOVE it but im thinking of replacing it with something else, like modulations, or voice (?) or something else?

Do you have any suggestions?

Im kind of blind at the moment so would appriciate others input as well :)

ModularGrid Rack

Thanks in advance

1 I'd pull the DFAM out of the rack and put it back in its case. Now you have a TON of room. I'd add the 3HP Poti expander to Batumi for the alternate LFO waveforms and ability to toggle between reset and sync. You'd also be able to hold on to the Verbos a little longer or keep it since you have more space.

+1 on pulling the DFAM out of the rack. If you're looking for modulation...there is always Maths and Quadrax w/QX expander.


If it has a case and it has power, it DOESN'T belong in a more expensive case with more expensive power. Not only does that DFAM waste space in the cab, you're also bumping the actual cost of the DFAM up by the amount of hp it occupies.

Let's see how that works. Let's say, for the sake of the example, that your cab costs $718 (2x Mantis as an example here) and holds a total of 416 hp:

718/416 = $1.73 This is the per-hp cost of housing/powering something in the cab.
60 x 1.73 = $103.80 added to the DFAM's cost.

So, not only does this cost more in the long run, you're also stealing spaces from modules that DO need power and you've likely noticed. Pull it, enjoy the extra 60 hp you get back, and just use the DFAM in its skiff where it'll be quite happy.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my DFAM is in its own case already so dont be sorry! and my black sequencer is in a 42HP case. My "system" is a bit splitted, Im using a 9U case 104HP and not 12U