Just picked up the Polygogo - it's a wonderful thing - especially when running it through the Panharmonium

Hi Gumbo23,

Ha, ha, that's a brilliant idea to put the output from Polygogo through the Panharmonium! Nice idea and great execution of this patch.

Hmm... now I have to reconsider what I just mentioned in my previous post about getting the Assimil8or first, perhaps I should consider to get the Panharmonium first :-D

By the way, any chance that you have an Erica Synths - Black Octasource? If yes, what you could do is use those 8 LFO outputs to modulate the Panharmonium and perhaps a few outputs of that Octasource to the Polygogo too, might give interesting results too ;-)

Great demo, very convincing and thank you very much for that! Kind regards, Garfield.

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That sounds amazing! Is Usta just feeding a slow sequence into Polygogo? Where’s the envelope coming from? Looks possibly like the attack is slowly modulated by a Batumi sine wave, but I’m just guessing. Cheers!

Excellent video, nice performance. The track is very pleasant to listen to. Ambient and space music can easily become boring. Here, it is not the case. Polygogo and Panharmonium are definitely on my list.