Hi there fellow wigglers,

This is my live Rack right now... I wand to get a flexible fx routing and an "easy to use" transitioning option.

I also have:

Arcaico Raverb, Doepfer Audio divider, f(h) plaque barreer, afa coma reactor, worng LRMSMSLR, a jomox rackonizer, a second joranalogue switch 4, doepfer 182-2 switch, multiples, doepfer dual switch, doepfer ring mod, doepfer random/ noise,

considering: Strymon magneto (thoughts on this one are welcome - the idea was to use it as a "not in time loop thing") , Verbos cv processor, Verbos random sampling, Worng vector space

What would you do to have a nice and easy way to rout FX, making transitions and sound design for this LIVE rack?

Mix is going to Octatrack, thats used to make the transitions on the meta level (like drops, beat change, ...) - so the rack transition should act as a subtle or slow changes option...

All opinions and thoughts are appreciated! No need to only work within the leftover rack space...

Thanks for your help


Well, for AUX send-return stuff, start here: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/ladik-m-053-3-ch-aux-mixer This allows you to return three different stereo processors to a single stereo AUX return. As for the send part, I would suggest using buffered mults here to keep your send levels up and close to identical for all processors.

Now, as for transitional links, one potential solution would be to use a Tiptop ONE player with some prerecorded material (or suitable loops) so that you're "covered" while changing the rest of the patch. This also gives your live set a "ground point" to start with between each piece, so that if (or more likely, when) things DO fuck up horribly, you can at least return to a sonic point where you can regroup.

However, I have a few issues with the build as it stands now. First up, that DFAM doesn't belong in there. It might be convenient that way, but the truth is that you're wasting 60 hp in this cab on a device that already has power and a housing. That space is FAR better used for things that have NO power and NO housing. Secondly, the cost...one thing that puzzles me is, if there's so many modules in here, why are there so few sources? I only see two: the Verbos Harmonic Oscillator and the E-RM Polygogo. And much of the rest of the space depends on these large, spendy modules that might work better as smaller and less-expensive alternatives. Lastly, keep in mind that we're finally getting actual Buchla Eurorack modules starting around Xmas, and these are quite different critters from the Verbos modules in a number of cases. Take the difference between the Dual Envelope at 22 hp for $479 and the Tiptop Quad Function Generator 281t with 28 hp for a projected street of $210. I know what I would rather have...and not merely due to the huge price difference!

I would try a 1010 Music BitBox Mk2 or BitBox Micro. They offer clockable looping. So when you reach a point where you're ready to transition, you can sample a loop of your outgoing mix, crossfade between the two, then set-up your new patch as the loop does its thing.

You may want to do this OUTSIDE of the rack. I'm thinking the 1010 Music Blackbox and a DJ mixer with crossfader. The Blackbox won't take up an HP as its an independent device. It's also clockable and loopable like the Bitbox series. Also, having it independent of your rack will make life a lot easier especially if you're trying to troubleshoot. You could not only loop your outgoing mix but also have something entertaining on standby in case everything all goes to hell and you need 3 minutes to figure things out.

Good call on the 1010 Music bit box and black box. I ordered the Bluebox for mixing recording modular with my synths and will see how well that works out with my Make Noise Shared System, DFAM and Elektron Octatrack.