A few set-up notes:
Music style is experimental/ambient/generative. Main clock comes from external by Korg Electribe 2, distributed through Links, 4ms RCD and MI Marbles. Sequencing is done by Electribe 2 (midi --> MI Yarns with 4x cv and gate/trigger), Kilpatrick K4815 Pattern Generator, Marbles and O_C apps (Harrington 1200, Meta-Q, Sequins). Qu-bit Nebulae v1 is the key module for sample playing with independant pitch shifting and time stretching. Sound sources are Studio Electronic Quadnic, Eowave Weather Drones 1.5, MI Plaits, MI Rings (and 2x A-110-2 VCO's in seperate rack). Effects processing by Make Noise Mimeophon, uBurst (Clouds clone), Typhoon (expanded Clouds/Monsoon on SuperParasites firmware) and MN Phonogene. All signals are mixed in 2x Intellijel Mixup and go as stereo mix from Befaco OUT into Korg D3200 digital mixer (12 bus 16/32 channel with 128 onboard DSP effects and EQ for each channel) and multitrack recorder (32 tracks,@ 48 kHz/44.1 kHz, 16-bit or 16 tracks,@ 48 kHz/44.1 kHz, 24-bit). Erica Pico IN and OUT serve to integrate seperate Doepfer 6U 84HP rack and/or ARP ODYSSEY for effects and granular stuff.