Some cyberpunk vibes for a rainy Sunday here in Bristol.

Odessa (in poly mode) - QPAS - Panharmonium - Desmodus Versio.
Squid Sample - Mimeophon - Typhoon.

I dig the Blade Runner / Cyberpunk vibe, well done sir.

'Chasing After Monsters with a Butterfly Net'

Thanks Vow3ll. It's always been one of my favorite movies, so it had to be done. I was just mesmerized by the soundtrack when it came out, and it's wonderful to see how much love it gets nearly 40 years later. What a work of genius all round.

My other favorite film is Apocalypse Now, so maybe the next track will bring some of that in :)

Hi Gumbo23,

Ha, ha, sounds like we need more rainy days in Bristol, so you can provide us with more lovely jams like this one, well done!

Yeah, sweet memories come back about music like this... thank you very much for taking us back in the past, lovely experience. Kind regards, Garfield.

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