Patch Notes:

- Fender Rhodes Stage 73 mk2 amped by Ears through Mimeophon, is playing chords and melodies.
- Calsynth Rangoon is doing the counter melody, controlled by Doboz XIIO.
- Instruo Ts-l through Takaab LPG into Serpens Sirius doing the bassline, sequenced by Novation Launchpad Pro mk3.

- Eowave titan through Takaab LPG as bass drum.
- White Noise from ADDAC 215 through Super VCAs as high-hat.
- Erica Pico Drums as snare
- Ensemble oscillator through Bizarre Jezebel Pkhia as crash cymbal.

- Clank Chaos as clock divider and random CV generator.
- Mutable Instruments Stages as envelope generator and LFOs
- Instruo Ochd as LFOs
- Robaux LL8 as gate sequencer

- Noise Engineering Lapsus Os as attenuation, sum, offset and macro controller.
- Super Vcas as vca, inverter and sidechain for several voices.
- joeSeggiola's Nearness as panning sub-mixer.
- Cosmotronic Cosmix as mixer, using Dreadbox Splash as send reverb.
- Music Thing Startup as mixer and clock generator.

Hi Brunomolteni,

Oh that's a great track! If this is techno, then I am okay with it ;-) You make (parts of) techno acceptable to non-techno people like me, well done! Lots of fun sounds to be heard, overall a lovely sonic journey you present us here.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Love it - more please :)

This is sooooooo good. Keep going!