Hi all,

Been finishing my 14u case and here is what I have so far and planned for the


Open to suggestions as to what to add or remove to better tie these modules together for good performance and song writing.

Direct link to the rack for easy navigation:

ModularGrid Rack

Quick question: is this rack supposed to be self contained or do you take into account the other setup in Doepfer I know you also have ?

Thanks had trouble figuring out how to get image and link of the MDLR rack to appear in the post.

My goal is to have it be self contained stand alone instrument that can also be used with my other modular gear like the monster Doepfer setup.

Well, if this is to be a self-contained rack, my immediate reaction to this build would be that I need more ways to mess with modulation: VCA's, logic modules, some random, sequential switches etc, basically any way to animate the sound creation modules you already have... As a practical example, a matrix mixer would really shine in the current build IMO

@toodee thanks. I have 8 VCAs in VC8 module, PLOG for logic module, Hikari Quad sequential switch and Livestock Electronics Maze matrix mixer for these things. Are you saying to get more of these things? I rarely use VCAs in patches or logic modules.

One immediate thing I'd suggest: reverse the positions of the VC8 and RADAR, and then add the RADAR's BLIP expander to the left of the RADAR. The BLIP module can make the RADAR do a lot of interesting things, such as sequenced envelopes, etc. Very worthwhile!

Thanks Lugia! I will do that and look for the Blip expander for Radar. Expanded functions great stuff. I did splurge on a Make Noise Shared System this week as I’ve wanted one and most of the modules for a long time and these were out of stock. Promises loads of fun. Use Wogglebug with random cv should be great and Maths.