Put a video together for a track called "Along the Windowsill" from an album project I'm working on. Best to all.

Hi Cmb_,

Nice video with interesting and nice video effects! Interesting experimental music you are providing us here. Would be pretty nice for film music :-)

Thank you very much for sharing with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks for checking it out Garfield.

Wow! What a vibe here. Very evocative with a lot of mystery and intrigue created by just the sounds, and with the visuals supporting. It's incredible what worlds can be expressed through the interplays between harmony, dissonance, rhythm and tension. Thanks for sharing, I think it's really skilful.

Thanks for watching ryanthegecko. That's what I like about modular synth, the many evocative sounds that can be expressed in many different and intriguing ways. Of course, this is true with any instrument and with the modular synth you get a huge palette which can be designed in many ways.

Concerning the music, one could think that it is rather abstract: but the title of the piece "Solitaire ou Solidaire" already evokes a very concrete subject. We can hear the importance (and the excellent management) of space in the mixing, and a stretching of time in the composition (the use of silences is crucial). It is a music that illustrates a reflection... there is a lot of questioning with all these spaces. The theme of the guitar (an instrument here perfectly integrated with the synthetic sounds) is a double note... almost the shape of a question mark, and one that never finds a resolution. From my point of view, this is not abstract music. It's like theme music, almost figurative music!

Sweelinck, thanks for the thoughtful description.

I am enjoying working through your Soundcloud page, lots of nice discoveries there.

This is pure suspense and noir. I loved it a lot.