Here is my set up. it is almost complete, I still have to acquire a few modules and as long as I have some room left, I would like to have some advice to be sure I'm on the right track.

Note that I use a pro beatstep as an external sequencer and a tr8s for drums.

ModularGrid Rack


Thank you

@saladmix, some quick comments:

-- layout could be improved. If I was using it, I'd have i) all oscillators upper ii) all filters / waveshapers iii) all CV iv) all FX, roughly ordered from upper left to lower right, with Utilities put in where most convenient. Layout is rather subjective but IMO this could be improved somewhat.

-- overall the rack design seems pretty solid BUT maybe a bit unbalanced in terms of % of modules. Maybe a bit heavy on oscillators/voices and on mixing capacity, may be a bit light on envelopes/LFOs and utilities.

-- recommended adds if you have space: the expanders for Metropolix and/or Quadra. These are low HP/$s high value adds. Instruo Ochd is a good way to add LFO capacity.

-- maybe I missed it but what is the signal in/out setup here? Are you going into a DAW for recording, etc.? Do you have enough in/out for current and future needs? Something like Expert Sleepers ES-8 or 9 might be worth considering if needed.

That's about all I can offer for now without knowing more about your intended use cases. How many voices do you want to get out of this at one time? And what is the main use scenario -- recording into DAW, jamming for fun, etc?


Thank you for all your good advices.

I fully agree with you regarding the lack of lfo / envelopes. I haven't caught a quadra yet and I think I'll save some more money for a quadrax or a stages...seems more valuable. I mainly use this rack to jam in my studio and do a few lives. I have an additional yamaha mixer. I rarely record what I do and do not want to integrate the computer into my setup.

Ill take a look at the layout too !

Thanks again !

Okay, well based on your use case outlined about, I would additionally suggest you hold off adding in-rack mix capacity till you know you need it. Mix modules appear (to me) overrepresented in your current build above.

BTW a few months ago I went nuts with getting in-rack mix capacity, more than I had proved I needed, and it is basically unused in my rack.

RE Stages or Quadrax+Expander, yes either of those would likely serve you well. I have Stages and love it BUT it can be hard to learn how to use without an Oscilloscope as it is very powerful and depends greatly on how it is patched. Quadrax I don't own but I've heard good things; I suspect that one might be a little more direct in usage vs. Stages. But both are good options.

Good luck, enjoy!

Also, keep in mind that while it IS bigger than the Quadrax/Qx pairing, we're getting the Buchla 281...same sort of idea, but with an additional quadrature function. My applications of the Quadrax/Qx are actually derived from using a 281 YEARS ago, and recognizing that that module was straight-up KILLER. Sure, it takes another 8 hp, but this is one of those times that the extra space is VERY justified.

Quadrax with the expander is an incredible tool. Also check out the Maestro from Acid Rain Technology that gives you six programmable channels of complex modulation and you can save the presets for recall later. It’s a super fun module geared toward live performance.

Once again I totally agree. Thanks guys for your advices.

About mixing : For the moment I mainly use the 321 as attenuator / offset, and I plan to acquire a 3xmia for the same reasons because the voltage block suffers from a lack of attenuations (why malekko did not include this option ?? Why ??!!!). In addition to that, pamela is not bipolar, it will also be very useful to me to modulate its signals. I use my matrix mixer in combo of marbles (marbles 4 cv out, matrix 4 in, it looks like they were made to meet). Regarding tesseract and audio mixing, I think I overestimated my current needs a bit. On the other hand, I absolutely need to improve my stereo mixing capacity, so I think I will start with a single stereo module and drop the mono. The send / return will bring me a big plus to optimize the use of my effects / sidechains. For the rest, I don't have much left to buy to complete this project and it is indeed always a plus to have a little room to meet my future needs ... the maestro looks amazing !!!! I had heard about it without paying much attention to it. Just watched a video...this module looks totaly insane to perform on the fly! I want this !

Thanks again and sorry for my english wich is not my main language.

Cheers !