Arrived yesterday and spent time last night patching on my new Make Noise Shared System Plus. Such a fun powerful modular package! Here is a quick jam I patched with Rene v2 and Tempi for sequencing/clocking the DPO complex oscillator with Echophon and Erbeverb for pitch/echo and reverb effects. This will keep me busy for a long time and no need to buy more stuff for at least another year or two since I also picked up some support modules for my other case.

Hi Sacguy71,

Wow, you received already your Make Noise Shared System Plus, that was fast! Nice demo video, it looks like you are having a good time with your new system :-D

I wish you lots of fun with the new system, enjoy and thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield! I wanted this system three years ago when I had a 0-coast but it was sold out for long time and I started my modular journey with Doepfer modules. No regrets as Doepfer and other modules taught me a lot about eurorack world and I still use them. This Shared System from Make Noise is a work of art dead sexy and sounds incredible. I love the hands on approach to west coast synthesis that Make Noise is based on mostly. The touch controllers are a very fun way to create music.

Very cool...look forward to seeing more videos from this setup! Excuse the drool, so many sweet modules in there...been looking at Morphagene pretty closely for a while, be interested to hear what you do with that


Thanks yeah it is crazy good fun. Messed about with Wogglebug and Maths last night and incredible what those two modules can achieve. I probably will use Morphagene to play back drum and voice samples and chop up for playback in different ways. Figure I can use this and my Bluebox mixer/recorder for most live events. I may add in an OP-1 and 1010 Blackbox or Digitakt in the future for a complete trio with live shows.