Fun jam based on my take of the classic Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon synth line from the song On the Run with some twists

Hi Sacguy71,

Great sound you got there at the beginning of the jam, are that samples or some real made electronic sounds? :-) I see you have the Make Noise - Tempi now as well, do you like it? If you compare it with the ALM - Pamela's New Workout (if I remember correctly you got that one too, right?), which one do you prefer now? Or is that too early to ask and do you need more time with the Tempi first?

Thanks a lot for sharing your Shared System with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield

Well I did sample DPO and Wogglebug into Morphagene as an experiment and chopped it up then modulated it.
I like Tempi and it’s fun to tap tempo for each clocked channel. I’m still learning it tho. Hmm compared to Pam, hard to say. Pam does more and has menu screens to program clock stuff plus LFO and random modes. I like them both but if I had to pick one, I’d still go with Pam as my only clock module.