Hey guys, I'm coming back for your help since last time was really helpful.
I've been digging more and more into ambient and generative music and find myself enjoying it quite a lot.
I want some changes in my case, e.g. more CV utilities, random sources...
I already own most of what is in that case except Morphagene, I've mainly removed an Atlantis that I don't use as much anymore.
I know the case is way too small for a true generative powerhouse but I play it with some friends and neeed to move it quite often.
Any advice is appreciated!
Thanks guys.

Just so you know what I'm trying to aim regarded sound.

ModularGrid Rack

Actually, the cab problem might just be dealt with by now. Have a look at https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaseFromLake Case From Lake is probably the best thing going in portable cases right now. They do custom mods (including odd-length rows, tile rows in either format, and so on) and they're BONKERS on power systems, with beefy Meanwells or the Doepfer A-100 supplies...whichever you'd like. Many of their systems fold up to the right size to qualify as carry-on baggage. Now THAT would be reasonable enough so that you COULD go to a larger cab, but still be able to tote it around.

See https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/posts/index/10644 for case discussion. CBL and Trogotronic are sounding to me like top travel friendly case picks currently.

AND do consider some options to sequence sequences. IMO BossBow2, Switchblade, Verbos Sequence Selector and Befaco Muxlicer are all worth considering. Also running sequencing and/or CV through a sample@hold is an interesting technique. The general idea here is nesting control signals so you have source signals and reader/windows which pass a selection of the sources. That lets you get a lot of aural complexity from pretty simple underlying figures.

Also, don't underestimate what outboard sequencers can do for your modular build. Case in point: I did a live work a few years ago where I needed several unmatched tempi from a pair of Beatstep Pros. And that was super-easy. Since I was doing this with a digital synth via MIDI (Kawai K5m), I needed the BSPs and a MIDI merger. But the BSP allows you to uncouple its master clock from the different sequencer lanes, so I could easily set all four of the sequencer lines to the different tempi I'd envisioned. Pretty much the same thing will work with them in CV/gate territory, since they have two channels of that for the pitch sequencers.

Also, since they have that third "drum" lane...which is nothing but clock pulses...you can feed that rhythmic sequencer to some Boolean logic, and get even more crazy crossrhythmic action.

Hey guys, thanks a lot for your replies!

About the case I may add up one more row and go for a 9 or 10u / 104hp to get a bit more space to breath and add some more utility modules. And I think it would still be pretty much movable.

I never thought about a sequencial processor as nickgreenberg suggested but it seems like a great addition to this case, I'm looking that up.

And to answer Lugia I use my 2 Minibrute 2 as sequencers or additional voices when needed but it's definitely not the most portable setup. Actually swapping them for Beatsep Pros may be a pretty good idea.

Also, if I was to add one more row, what would you suggest to complement the actual setup?
I'm mainly thinking about Marbles that I've been looking up for a while. Maybe a second Veils and then some more utilities?
I also have a PEG, a Dual Looping Delay and an Erbe-Verb in my Rackbrute 3u. Should I add some of those in this setup?

BSPs wouldn't be a bad idea. Or perhaps one of those and a Keystep Pro? That would give you much the same functionality AND also add a proper keyboard controller.

How do you make it portable? Easy-peasy. Go to a sporting goods place that carries more guns and gun supplies than the entirety of Delta Force, and find a suitable gun case. This might sound odd at first, but when you notice that at least one manufacturer of these ALSO makes music cases (ie: SKB), it all gets clearer. Find one that can fit the BSPs...or the BSP + KSP...and then modify the internal foam so that everything fits nice and snugly. In fact, quite a few gun cases have "cubed foam" so that you can modify the interior to your exact liking. Just take your gear measurements with you, do some rooting around, and you should find just the thing you need.

As for FX...you've got a big gap in the tile row. If this is 24 hp or wider, there's your FX module space; Intellijel has a tile that offers stereo reverb, chorus, and delay (https://www.modulargrid.net/e/intellijel-multi-fx-1u)...in short, the basics that are often part of sound design, albeit nothing overly complicated, either to use or in terms of sound. As for anything beyond that, you should do a deep dive on either eBay or Reverb and look at 1980s thru mid-90s rack processors. Back in the day, a Yamaha REV-7 would've set you back a hefty chunk of change...but the two right next to me in the rack only ran me about $350 (yes, together!)because they're "obsolete". They don't SOUND obsolete...they're just not the newer/shiner/faster model of reverb unit, which to me isn't even close to "obsolete".