I forgot to post this, but a few weeks back I finally wrapped up my first acid album, lots of discovery through this process and had a lot of fun.

I've posted a few of these tunes here already, but I hadn't share the last piece, and in particular I really enjoyed it. I cribbed from James Tenney's "Having Never Written a Note for Percussion" for a 20 minute exploration on what the filter means in acid, and if you have the patience I think it's pretty rad.

Made with:
ModularGrid Rack

Hope you all enjoy!

Congrats @troux!!!! That's awesome.
Looking forward to listening over the weekend.

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on your first album, what an achievement! Serena is an interesting track, going to check that one fully out! Like Farkas, I am going to make this a very special weekend :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this special moment with us and once more, congrats on this great milestone for you! :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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Serena is ace!
Love wash of sound which I guess is ringing out through the FX Aid.

Wow, man! I love october 9th acid, but you completely raised the bar with serena. Seriously, I am really impressed. What a great accomplishment.

Thanks you all!

@wishbonebrewery, yep, Seek (the random sequence generator rules) => Akemie => Polaris => FX Aid on one of the bigger reverb algorithms, funnily enough no VCAs involved.

@farkas, those are both favs of mine too, and funnily enough I recorded tons of versions of each of them and then took the second take in both cases. Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Congratulations on the album! Nicely done.

Nicely done. Congrats! I am partial to track 1, but maybe I am slightly biased there. :-)

Thanks you two, and yes @TumeniKnobs, track 1 is pretty rad :)