Hello Guru's

I've decided to start a eurorack build which I'd like to be part of my existing set up. My biggest obstacle is Wifey who wants to see a clear out of gear before anything new comes in. So far it's been a one way street of new in nothing out but that's not a sustainable situation ;)

Ok so I've ordered a Mantis and I've also picked up the included modules in a sale.

I currently own the digitakt and digitone. Also have the behringer neutron and 303, korg monologue, kawaii r100 drum machine and a boutique tr808.

I'm keeping the elektrons, the neutron and the Kawaii and I want to my rack to compliment and add stuff that these toys cannot do.

I like to make weird arpeggiated beats with atmospheric sound scapes (stuff to play to my mushrooms while they grow) and I love kick ass drum sounds. The R100 is sentimental to me but I own cause I'm a huge industrial music fan.

I'm interested to hear opinions on what the essentials are.
Do I need extra power?
Midi/CV inputs/outputs or will the Neutron cover this?

And more interestingly what are the kick ass must have cool beep boop phantasmagorifiers that I should chuck in this rack?

I look forward to your kind responses

Much love

Houston, we have a problem....

And more interestingly what are the kick ass must have cool beep boop phantasmagorifiers that I should chuck in this rack?

-- padmasan

OK, hold up a second. Technically, there is NO SUCH THING as some sort of special uber global "phantasmagorifiers" in modular. OK, there's Maths, but...anyway, starting from this supposition is a microwave-quick recipe for an expensive disaster. We see lots of that, we point it out on here, then of course someone will, for I suppose contrarian reasons, deliberately avoid the Forum's suggestions...and then you hear from them several months later when they sell off the modu-mess they'd created.

Instead of proceeding this way, I would suggest looking for modules to create a build that's useful for the styles of music you create. For example: you mentioned Industrial...so I would naturally suggest a look at Schlappi's modules. But as excellent as Schlappi Engineering's sound-shredding circuits are, if you were doing some Newage sort of gig, that would be a waste of space in all likelihood. Without that MUSICAL aspect focused, the likelihood is that you'll end up with a box that does lots of things...but none of them really well.

The other danger there is that proceeding recklessly and chucking modules into the cab indiscriminately WITHOUT considering what attendant modules those would require to be at their best...well, this will do pretty much the same thing as far as your build is concerned.

What I would suggest is to stop considering this until you've gotten a much clearer idea of how modular works. And fortunately, there's a simple way to do that: VCV Rack. At https://vcvrack.com/ , you'll be able to snag a massive and FREE modular emulator that contains everything you need for the basics...and a LOT more for stepping beyond that. But also, this will give you a better idea of what's necessary in a proper build, as you can test the capabilities of your MG builds by replicating them as close as possible in VCV. If something isn't going to work in hardware, it won't work in software (as a rule), either.

Also, consider getting a B.2600. The ARP 2600, from experience, has to be the best "teaching synth" of all time, and since Uli's slavishly reproduced it (even with a few improvements), you can have one and use it as a "system core" device...with complete interconnectivity between it and Eurorack modules. I've had and used ARP 2600s an uncountable amount from 1980-2018, including every iteration except for the original (and very awful) "Blue Meanie", the first and rather buggy and hated iteration. Most people know 2600s from the big Tolexed case devices, and think the earliest of those is "v.1". Truth is, it's v.2, and as far as I'm concerned, the B.2600 is the REAL v.5...instead of vaporware and crippleware from a certain other manufacturer. And it doesn't cost $4000 or $1800...just a mere $650.