Hey guys,

I'm still learning my way through the modular world. I've been working with a wavetable build I made recently and have been having a blast. The only thing is I was looking to add some groove-based ryhthms to full blow beats for songs. The goal is to morph from jams, to tracks, and repeat.

I picked up a elektron digitone for some polyphonic fm, as well as plans to utilise the 4 midi tracks with my FH-2.

To give you an idea of my... tastes, i'm not into dance music per say, but I do love dancing to swung grooves. I love harmonic play, dissonance, shuffling/swung rhythms, improvisation, imperfection, noise, grunge, subtlety, restraint.

Now that you have a super clear idea of what im talking about , what do you think of this little sampler+resonator drum machine? Planning to hook up the Digitone via the FH-2 here as well. Predictability and mayhem covered? Any suggestions are most welcome

Btw, I already have the following modules which I plan to pull out of my wavetable synth:

  • Plum Audio 1uT_u - 4ROBOTS (Temps Utile) - I have the CV ins expander, but alas, no space to squeeze it in :P
  • Intellijel Steppy 1U
  • Mutable Instruments Rings
  • ALM Squid Salmple (no expander yet)
  • 2hp Nse