Noise from the Mutable Instruments Kinks is fed into the Veils VCA and set fairly low, this goes through the ADDAC103 T-Networks which is used as a filter, this can produce a sort of random static or crackle, this then goes into a Ladik E-510 Envelope Follower which picks out Gates, Triggers and a Decay envelope which are all used to control other things. The Only regularly clocked things from Pamela's New Workout are the Repeats are clocked on the Make Noise Mimeophon and then i bring in a bit of clocked rhythm later on.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh, at about 1:17 onwards this jam gives me goose bumps, nice high tension and great sounds!

Ha, ha, your cat is back too, inspecting your patch! :-)

Overall a nice relaxing ambient kind of jam, perfect for ending this great weekend, thanks to you! Kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks for the kind words Garfield :)

Nyx (one of our cats) loves a bit of Modular!

Thoroughly enjoyed that! Thanks for the patch description. That’s a level I haven’t reached yet - I still feel like I’m patching in a very vanilla kinda way.

And yes, I love the guest star. I’d really like to have my cats around while I’m noodling, but my big Maine Coon decided it would be fun to “mark” a power strip in my studio so they’re banned for life! I was lucky to be in the next room and I heard the crackling. Could have been very bad indeed. Cheers!

Thanks, I'm still playing with this patch and have just added a DnB beat to it and a bit of a Bass line. There's a lil' snippet here https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWmAGw4qP-J/
One of our cats likes USB cables etc and there are a few teeth marks in a patch cable or two so I do have to supervise her!

Heard a Crackling!!! Is the cat's new name Sparky?!