sliced amens on morphagene organized with mucorder (cvlization) enriched with some randomness from pamela.. morphagenes' env follower patched to maths for an eoc trigger to another env, which changes mother pattern on zularic repetitor.. zularic childs are patched to plaits (snare), manis (kick), 100 grit (beep).. branches mixes a static clock to play morphagene and opening 100 grit / plaits with another env.. bass line comes from melodicer + befaco even + fold 6.. beads spicing things up with some grains

Hi 0xc43d35 or 192-61-53,

From which planet are you? ;-)

He, he, this is a great experimental jam. I love those almost kind of bird sounds further at 2:00+, nicely done :-)

Great to see you at work in this video and thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Kind regards, Garfield.

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Always love a good experimental use of the Amen break! Thanks for sharing.

thanks to both of you for listening :)