Using a white noise signal from Qubit Nanorand2 as a sound pad thru Mutable Instruments Rings in chord mode. The pad is filtered and delayed by Prism. Reverb from Happy Neerding FX AID XL .

Drums from Intellijel Plonk thru Qubit Databender for glitches. Nanorand2 send a random signal to plonk v/oct to get glitch kind sound too. Those two signal glitches: Plonk out to Databender, and Nanorand2 rand to Plonk v/oct are manually trigger thru Instruo Tain switch. To get more glitchy like sound, Instruo [1]f crossfader making the cross signal to select patches in Plonk, between manually thru Intellijel Triplatt and pre-programmed from Squarp Instruments Hermod allows me fun while jamming :).

Bass from Mutable Instruments Plaits kick model.

Bellish melody from Rings in fm mode thru Noise Engineering desmodus Versio.

Mixed and mastered in ableton live.

Hi Nokulture,

He, he, what started nice and quietly became pretty fast rhythmic and fun. Nice and daring but successful I feel, you stopped about half way the percussion, waited a bit and continued yet with another rhythm, it becomes a bit of jazzy-ambient, I like that approach and wouldn't mind to hear more of such a like :-)

Thanks a lot for this interesting jam and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Garfield,
Thanks, I appreciate your feedback.
Glad you listen some kind of jazzy-ambient stuff as I'd pretended in this patch :).

I really dig this! Almost has more of a DAW arrangement feeling than modular, do you know what I mean? Nicely done.

I really dig this! Almost has more of a DAW arrangement feeling than modular, do you know what I mean? Nicely done.

Hi mowse,
Glad you like.
Yes I guess this kind of "DAW arrangement feeling" is thanks to Hermod which is so powerful, but I'm just use a minimal part of its potential. Anyway, I like the fact you could attach a midi controller, and record the notes into it for sending them to differents modules. Even you could record several sequences... but I'm too lazy for that kind of complex arrangement, and only record one sequence with differents tracks and playing with mutes for building a structure in live context.

Even more, I like to patch plonk for playing fills manually, around switches, offsets, attenuverter, crossfaders or whatever in this direction to send manually a specific voltage, or just modify the original voltage sequence from hermod. This allows me keep into the patch, and more important is so fun :D