Wondering how many use sample and hold in their patches and how you use it...

Is it necessary to have a noise generating module in order to use sample and hold or can you use sample and hold with other things as well? Seems like the 2-3 videos I've watched always use it in conjunction with a noise signal, anybody use it with any other sort of signal? Is it that useful to have around in a smaller setup?


Some noise modules will have S&H included (e.g. Doepfer A-118-2), but there are modules that provide S&H for arbitrary inputs (e.g. Joranalogue Select 2). Suppose you are generating pitch CV from an LFO or some complex combination of LFOs, maybe put through a quantizer. You want to hold the pitch for the duration of the envelope controlling amplitude. An S&H (triggered by the envelope's EOC output) can do that. The upcoming Joranalogue Step 8 is eight sample-and-hold circuits with various linking and control options. You can play a short sequence in by sampling at arbitrary points, and then play it back with a different rhythm entirely, and alter it on the fly.

Using S&H with noise is common because it gives you a nice stepped-random, but you can use it on anything you like.

Here's a few ideas:
* Use S&H to sample a fast sequencer output slowly to produce a related slower sequence
* Use S&H to sample a LFO to get a stepped effect instead of smoothly sweeping whatever the LFO controls
* Use S&H on an audio signal triggered at audio rates (if the module can do so, not all can) for a "bit crush like" effect, except it's a crush in time resolution rather than amplitude resolution

I found this video useful. Sampling a mult-ed pitch CV to a separate oscillator or chord module (like Plaits or Chord Organ) allows you to have a related note with a longer envelope ring out underneath a melody line. I use this trick a lot.