Had a chill Friday evening in the studio, starting with a DPO drone session followed by a couple of jams on Telharmonic, Odessa, and the Mother 32’s.

Hope you enjoy today’s little jam session!


Hi Mowse,

Wow 3 videos/jams, great work! :-) The first video provides a beautiful view over your rack-setup, lovely to watch that!

At your second jam you really getting started, great long stretched start into a fantastic track! I love that one :-)

But that's not all, no! You give us yet a third jam :-) Your rack at night! Lovely jam this is, a track that builds up the tension beautifully, this sounds superb!

By the way, please don't get angry or disappointed if I wouldn't reply any more to all your jams, that's not because I don't like your jams, it's the opposite, I really do like them however I have decided to soon reduce my time on modulargrid.net in the next few days to have more time for myself to experiment more with my modular system and try to make a few more jams. I have realised that over the last two-and-a-half-year that I have been (very) active here on this forum that I started to have less time left for myself and my modular system. I loved to motivate you and many others by my comments, at least I hoped my posts motivated you and I am sure that without my further help you will be doing great! :-) Though I will going to be less active here, I still will regularly look at the posts and here and there perhaps still create a new post or reply to a post however just not as intensive as I have done in the recent past. Of course I will continue creating review reports and make those available on my website for download.

This all shouldn't stop you from continuing creating great jams and post them here though ;-) Thank you very much for your contributions here and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

I've been following on YT, listened through them all yesterday :) Good stuff!
Session 008 was mega restrained, I've not got that restraint!

Cool drone man! Just do what I do and ignore rude jerks who say bad stuff about lack of talent and what not like this one guy here NextG never fails to amaze me with his rude snide remarks.