hello folks, i've got a nice used pittsburgh case (system 10.1 +) and it works fine. but my screws (besides the original ones) don't fit into the nuts. it's also impossible to exchange the nuts. they don't fit into the rails.
does anyone here have some screws (10-14) over to send to germany ? would be nice !

M3 screws are the ones that should fit. There are others that are very close in size that do not.

I bought Uxcell computer "graphic cards" screws. Apart from a couple of modules that had very narrow clearances, these work great for me. I can tighten modules down by hand with a thin nylon washer underneath to stop rack rash.

I'm not sure if the link will be valid but here is the name of the item:
"uxcell Computer PC Graphics Card M3x6mm Aluminum Alloy Knurled Thumb Screws Black 10pcs"


I believe Pittsburgh cases do not use M3 screws (they’re non-metric). Check the specs on their site. They are good about responding to emails too.
I bought screws for a Pittsburgh case a while ago. I have silver and black. I have (I think) 100 of each, minus only a couple, and can send them to you for a very reasonable price. I no longer need them as I went to a different case before using them. Message me if interested.
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If you reach out Pittsburgh might send you some, they did for me awhile back.

Aha! JNH has it right, they aren't using the usual hardware.

According to Pitt's website, their cases use 4-40 screws, 1/4" length. However, they use what appears to be standard Eurorack rails, so it might make better sense to disassemble the rail assembly and substitute some M2.5 or M3 sliders so that the cab now conforms to the usual hardware. And make sure you have more sliders than you think you need, because you'll need more anyway. Eurorack is like that.

I'd suggest checking Befaco's website. Not only do they have the sliders, they also have the "Knurlies". These are available in M2.5 and M3, and they speed up adjustments to a build to a matter of minutes, with no need for a screwdriver.

thank you all for advice. i just found some old computer screws which work fine. they look like mainboard stand-offs but in silver and can be handled like knurlies. happy twiggling !