If you just want to listen to the tune, fast-forward to 8:17.

Hi Funbun,

Nice video with a great demo of your AE system. Finally I can watch you work with your AE modular system, great! :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

That was great, @funbun. Subscribed to your channel.
I've been interested in the AE stuff. Please keep sharing.
Happy holidays.

Cool...I'm newer to modular so forgive my ignorance on the hardware...is it another form factor of modular like Buchla or Serge? I noticed the patch cables/connectors were much smaller/thinner than what I've seen to date.

Dig your thoughts on generative music and wanting to be involved in the process like a conductor. Thanks for posting


Oh, thanks, everyone!

@GarfieldModular, yeah, since I'm not fishing right now, it seemed like a good time to do a music video.

@farkas, thanks for chiming over on the YouTube channel.

@jb61264, Yes, this is it's own format. It's made by Tangible Waves and called AE Modular. Check out their Web site and forums. It's a growing community, new modules added all the time, all kinds of new music, all the time:


The whole premise behind AE Modular was to reduce the cost of modular synth without sacrificing sound. Yes, it uses custom made pin wires, but it's all to reduce the cost. But, the sound is amazing.

Very cool funbun! Really enjoyable.

All the best.