Well, I wiil be glad to get some reccomedations for some new modules, those are which I have today. (im new)

It will help if you can provide more details about what you're wanting to do with your rack. What are you goals?
I would initially suggest more modulation with Maths or Quadrax (both maybe) and some effects (FX Aid XL)


Not that mammoth, tbh. In actuality, you've actually started with the sort of case size many of us would recommend as a starter. The only thing I would point out is that when you start filling the case out, you need to watch your current draws, as you can quickly exceed that "3/4ths of the max" rule to prevent current inrush problems. Also, if you don't have a case yet, you could jettison the Row Power in favor of the built-in power on this: https://reverb.com/item/38606093-6u-eurorack-case-powered-120-or-126-hp-modular-synthesizer-patched-resealable Big, beefy Meanwells in these. Plus, many options AND portability, too!