3U/1U adapter holds Winterbloom Helium (3x buff mult + precision adder)

Is there some reason WHY there's no VCAs in this? That's sort of like buying a car with no tires...

Yup need more VCAs and in my travel cases I have at least two to four VCAs per small case.

The QPAS has a dual VCA on its inputs, just saying ;p

True but for me, dedicated VCAs are better in my experience but I like control and simplicity if possible.

Lugia is right. We can also want a piano without a pedal, a microwave without a cooking time setting, an airplane without an altimeter... Funny Club. Everything that is imaginable is not necessarily reasonable ;)

Indeed and even in my smaller setups, I strive for utilities and tools like VCAs, envelopes and attenuators. My smallest case has these and I use them a lot in complex patches. Now with 1u tools and small hp sized support modules, it makes life easier.