Patch notes:

Main weird thing here is that the melody gate, and percussion/VCA triggers, Shakmat Bishops Miscellany (SM), Bastl Kompass (BK) are being clocked by the kick drum pattern which is the main sequence on a Minibrute 2s. The only exception is the snare, which is clocked normally and triggered by 2hp Euclid.

Kick and snare are Samples coming from a Disting. Kick is triggered by BK Altitude pattern and is also being reset by a slow synced LFO from the Minibrute.

Tides is in audio rate fractions mode in the major range, being VCAd (Doepfer A135-2) by BM random gates. The pitch is taking the Minibrute main sequence, and adding with a T43 to random CV from BM, sent through a Penrose gated also by the BM random gates. This pitch also feeds 2HP Pluck, which is gated by Kompass Longditude.

Plaits is doing the reverb washy 2nd snare type stuff, trigged by Kompass Latitude.

Pressure minibrute seq line is triggering BIA for hatty sounds later on.