Live streaming now

Set up so it has quite a large loop which subtly varies, I need more VCAs!

I’m loving this. I should have some time to let this run all the way later today. :-)

I have yet to try setting up a deep, “self-generating” patch like this, but I really want to try.


Hey, thanks....
I think this was more luck than planning, it was a case of a couple of Sine waves hitting a wave folder with plenty of modulation, then going through a filter with more modulation before going into Disting's Stereo Tape delay and and a heavily modulated Clouds, though then there are 2 other parts as well with everything coming from Marbles for control.

after a few seconds i've already loved it! don't have the time right now to listen through but i will come back to it later for sure:)

Thanks.... this one is something to play in the background and not think about :)