ModularGrid Rack

Would also take arrangement suggestions.

Finally saying goodbye to the Cre8 Nifty modules (cellz and chips). I have a Patching Panda Operat on the way to replace the Chips module. I'll actually miss Cellz a bit as a handy touch controller, but I was using it less and less ever since getting a CV.OCD. I've got a lingering 2hp in the top row that I could fill with a 2hp VCO, but it doesn't really feel necessary in this build. I suppose I could use it for a FM/RM/AM source... Just seems like I might get more use out of an additional 8hp if I pull the Erica CV Processor (although I'm thinking this might be an interesting tool for intermingling the Oscillators in the Operat).

I mostly use this rack for sound design/soundscapes when patching for fun, or to build clip/loop-based jams on the BitBox when I'm struck with the inspiration to compose something a bit more formal/traditional. Not really into generative (I like listening, just not so much making it). I lean more into funky/lofi/trip-hop/industrial/boom-bap type stuff on most days. This is also not an all-in-one build or performance build. I'm trying to sharpen the focus on sound design options, not necessarily a rack where I can use every module in every patch. I'm ok with letting some modules go unused here and there. A good example of this is the Step Sequencer. I use it in maybe 1/5 patches, but when I do I'm extremely glad it is there.

Any good folk out there want to take a stab at redesigning or optimizing this build?