My current plan for a starter rack. Already have the Mother-32 and the Pittsburgh Synth Box (The Mother-32 was great by itself, but paired with the Synth Box it sounds incredible). This is likely gonna end up in an SKB rack case or something like it, so went with 84HP wide, 6U high. Tried to go for multi-function modules wherever possible and also balance out number of VCOs, LFOs, EGs and VCFs. I'm basically going for a "noise machine" that can either generate arpeggios or drones (pads ?), kind of like what you get from a Korg KAOS. And after watching a demo of the Jellysquasher, well, I just felt like I absolutely needed that :)

Any advice for swaps/additions is welcome.

I love the Trigger Riot, but I'm curious how you plan on using it with this setup. I primarily use mine for triggering drums and envelopes. I'm wondering if you have enough destinations to to justify it.

I watched a couple demos on YouTube, and I envisioned using it to generate arpeggios (apparently missing the core concept, lol). Once I realized it wasn't going to work for that purpose I took it off, I just forgot to edit my post to reflect the change. Thx for the input TriangleMan