I wonder if someone could give me some advice regarding a new modular setup.

I've had a larger modular setup for a few years, working in conjunction with an Octatrack. TBH I've struggled to get as much out of the modular setup as I would like, certainly in comparison to a "simpler" machine like a Digitone. I think this is because the modular is "boundless" - I seem to spend my whole time rebuilding it, rather than accepting its limitations and working with it.

To this end, for 2022 I've decided to split it up into more "playable" units (Intellijel 62HP) which will focus on doing one thing well and one thing only (rather in the spirit of the Perfect Circuit 54 series)

I'm going to start with beats -

ModularGrid Rack

Some of this stuff I already have (generally the voice stuff - Befaco, Erica Pico) and some is new (the sequencing side - Grayscale, Euclidian), for which I took heavy inspiration from @mylarmelodies -

What I want to know is - does this setup make sense, as a beat focused groovebox ?

  • I want minimum three voices (kick vs Kickall, snare/hats via Pico VCO and Perfcall, claps and glitches via Pico Drum)

  • on the sequencing side, I want the box to be able to generate interesting stuff on a standalone basis, and not always be triggered by the Octatrack; in particular I want Euclidian style rhythms (almost opted for 2 Euclid modules)

And questions -

  • what are the best 1u module options for a box like this ? (I have zero experience of 1U and simply copied Mylar here)

  • MIDI is very important; although my initial use case is standalone or simply clocking via the Octatrack, I want to retain the option of driving the box fully via the Octatrack, including modulation via MIDI CC messages or other

Am I missing any tricks here ?

Many thanks in advance :)

Sorry, I can't help you, as I've avoided drums in my rack, but I did want to take the opportunity to make the pun, "106hp beats that".

I think you might find this a frustrating exercise as 62HP is just too small, I'd at least go to their 104 HP palette, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. So, voila!

ModularGrid Rack

1) Pam over Algorhythm, no question here at all even if you lose some manual control it does a ton PLUS euclidean so we get several HP back and lots more triggers.
2) Swapped a Disting EX for the Erica FX, it does so much it's silly.
3) Swapped a 1U pique and a Duatt for the Quadratt, your Percall can already do mixing (1 and 2 + 3 and 4 are normalled) and Pique is a great module that does a ton and it will be a secret weapon here to add modulation and character
4) Added Ladik's quantized 4 step sequencer to make things more melodic, but kept the other one as well for things like chord progressions (using your disting as a precision adder for example) or controlling euclidean rhythms on the Pam (Pam channel set to / 64 triggers the Ladik non-quantized sequencer which then feeds back into Pam's CV input1 which you can set to adjust euclidean offset, count, etc)
5) Added a System X ADSR cause it rules and you don't want only AR envelopes, and it means you won't always be using one channel on the Pique for that.

Hope this helps!

Wow great colour - so much to digest. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply :)