this looks nice

There's a definite problem here, and that's a lack of modulation sources for the two Akemie's to chew on. These are at their best when you can use various envelopes and other mod sources into the various level and index inputs to create very complex textures. Using them this way, you miss out on much of that capability.

I would suggest dropping the second Akemie's altogether, then putting in Erogenous Tones' RADAR and Blip modules instead. The RADAR module gives you eight AR envelopes with a lot of abuse potential, and the Blip works as something of a sequential controller for the RADAR, plus it provides some global controls you don't necessarily get with the RADAR alone. THAT pair would be more than sufficient to get the remaining Akemie's into its full capabilities.

Agreed, on its own it would be modulation thirsty. This was half of an existing 12u so modulation was from maths, batumi & a links in opposite case. However, I came to find that envelopes, as you suggested, were more useful so I second an EG. The doepfer quad adsr was great but i'm intrigued by the radar since you mention it, looks very powerful. I only wish it was diy.
Blip as well.
An nlc sloths x & y ouputs multiplied throughout the system is a blast with this one.
The best part of this system is harmonaig's 4 outputs to 4 akemies channels.
It could really use a beasts chalkboard.
I sold the noise engineering tonnetz sequent & 4ms QCD & miss both.
It's true that Ornament & Crime has a similar mode but it's a lot of fun & worth a dedicated module, always loved this one!