Is this actually going to happen in 5U or just a pipe dream?

It's an "unofficial" port of the Eurorack version, apparently. There's quite a few of those in the MU format pages. I'd suggest checking the "usual suspects" in 5U DIY to see if someone's got this as a kit, although my bet is that that listing is of a "one shot" porting of the original circuit.

Its kind of official. Meaning Igor from HN is offering it.
meaning... pcb is fully 5u sized for example.

Igor told me that at this point he is checking for knob supplies at the level needed before offering it more widely... but its coming from HN

I would suggest emailing Igor and asking him for details

actual picture of my module....

created a modwiggler thread about it as well on the 5u section. it's an actual HN port? That's quite cool, would make Igor one of only a few manufacturers to tackle multiple formats with the same circuits. I'm used to seeing a lot of UNofficial ports and modded modules over on MU, so I figured it was something like that.

it's cute !