Hi all, this is actually my first rack. Any suggestions on what to buy next? I'd like something not too expensive, exotic or complicated as I'm starting, and analog only. DIY is ok! Thanks

I'd pick up a second Z3000. They FM incredibly well together.

I'd pick up a second Z3000. They FM incredibly well together.
-- TriangleMan

I thought buying a second VCO but mostly because I have the opportunity to get an AS RS95e for 80 €. But yes..a second Z3000, why not, I really like it!
Correct me if I'm wrong: for a basic full synth voice, I just need to grab an LFO. But if I want to make rich and complex ambient or industrial textures and process some external sounds, I need a lot of modulators! So wtb next: pay the price for an all-in-one module like Math (enven if the complexity scares me a bit) or take some entry level LFOs/RM/S&H/Noise modules from Doepfer..?

The Doepfer a-171-2 is a really nice module, half a MN Math...

Ok I'm going for a second VCO. As the Z3000 is impossible to find for now, there are few modules I'm interested in. Analog, affordable and in stock. Any advice ?

WMD/SSF Spectrum
Richter Anti-Oscillator
Richter Oscillator II
Sputnik Modular Oscillator
The Harvestman Polivoks VCG
Analogue Systems RS-95e
Killpatrick K3021

Analogue Haven shows them as in-stock on their web page

I've got two z3k's and I'd never part with them

Yes, Analog Heaven are the only ones who have it in stock but as I live in France, it will cost me lot of money between shipping and taxes. At this price I can certainly have a goog alternative VCO I think. All of them mentioned above are in my budget (max 300€) and in stock, shipping free. Based on specs and design and what I saw on Youtube, my preference go for Spectrum, Sputnik and K3021.

I'd guess your 300€ budget ($333.54 USD) should well cover the unit & shipping. Sorry to be a too persistent advocate, and I can't even claim experience with your other selections. The WMD/SSF unit looks great, & I like the octave selection switch, but I don't see any explicit description of it as 'analog' - which may or may not concern you. The z3k also has waveshaping which I've often utilized, and even while analog, holds it's tune VERY well and is ready to work on startup (unlike the otherwise commendable Rubicon which sharpens pitch over the first half-hour plus...) Also the visual tuner is actually damn handy, and speeds workflow - perhaps less of a concern if you're focusing more noise applications etc. The Kilpatrick looks intriguing - particularly the waveshaping/PWM capabilities seem unique... I'd just want to check, as with any module, that other people are happy with it's build quality and customer support.

Good luck with your hunt!

Thank you for your advice Fastus, I understand your point of view. Sure, I can buy the Z3000 on AH, moreover I contacted them to see the postage and it's quite interesting. But I'm afraid of 20% in customs tax receipt. In this case it is more interesting to buy in the EU.
Regarding the WMD / SSF Spectrum, you're right: no details on the official site!
It is only classified as "analog" on Schneidersladen and London Modular (http://www.schneidersladen.de/en/wmd-ssf-spectrum.html https://www.londonmodular.co.uk/shop/spectrum/).
Regarding the K3021, I find no information either good or bad, this module is relatively new.
Btw what do you think of Malekko modules? I saw that you have the Anti-oscillator.

20% ouch!! Yeah, I started with the Richter oscillator & anti-oscillator (old style Griffins). The idea, I think, is that together that mimic a Buchla complex/dual oscillator much the way as the Makenoise DPO does - an asymetry which is both good and bad. If you want two pitch independent sines, for example, then you're out of luck.One is a saw-core "Unkle", the other tri (the Anti/Auntie) for West coast or East coast sounds respectively. I do recall the the Unkle's 2nd triangle wave has a little tick and IIRC the mk2 might not fully have fixed it - gives you a clicking sounding when doing some phase modulation with the two. The Anti 'Mayhem' wave is crazy fun as sound source & LFO.

If you get the Analog Systems osc - beware this warning (from the schneidersladen site) "Analogue Systems' modules are designed solely for use in cases and cabinets made by Analogue Systems. Through the use of adaptors or adaptor cables, however, it is possible to connect them to Eurorack cases.Should you chose to use an Analogue Systems module in an Eurorack case, please note that the warranties are thus void and the use occurs at your own risk!" Not to deter you from the reportedly rich sound of the AS, you just have to sort your power issues.

I've been lucky to be near a modular dealer - Control - and certainly there's no beating a hands on demo - so even if it requires a small trip to find the nearest modular store, it might be worth it. Also if you have any local modular enthusiasts in the neighborhood, it might be good to do a shout out here, or on the Muffwiggler board- most proud modular owners would be delighted to show off their system to interested on-lookers.

Even so, you may simply have to buy/sell/trade until you find what's right, so don't get too sidetracked over what's the PERFECT oscillator - each has it's own personality & quirks - I'm sure anything on your list will produce good results if you spend enough time with it, even if in the end, you don't keep it as a "forever" module.

The Spectrum is terrific. It was recommended as analog by Joe at Foxtone Music, who described it as his one of his "favorite analog oscillators". If you call or email I'm sure they could quickly confirm.