Guess this is the correct thread to post this on.
I've started a YouTube playlist on my channel focused on building Eurorack modules. Didn't want to mention it until I had a few, and I'm up to 17 build videos now, so enough to make it worthwhile.

C.K. builds Eurorack

I release a kit build every 5 days, alternating between general purpose kits and Eurorack modules, so there's a new Euro build every ten days.

I am not an expert. I'm a guy who's been building electronics for 50 years (and making electric music that entire time) and hopefully these videos may help someone over a rough spot in a build or introduce someone to the build process for something they want to make.
I may get some things wrong, that's part of the, uh, fun.
I want to build every Eurorack module kit in the world, which is goal which will last forever, of course.
Take a look if this interests you.

Great stuff CK, and good timing for me. Winter has properly set in and my hobby desk is almost clear of last year’s projects (just finished a wooden clock kit). I have all the Euro DIY stuff ready and I’m almost mentally prepared to try my first kit. Hopefully I can make a passive mult work more reliably than the clock… ;-)

I started watching one of your Befaco builds and the production quality of the video is great. Is that you original music in the background?


Hope you'll get some value out of it! And I'm always up for requests on what to build next, so feel free to suggest something.

Yes, all music in my videos is my original pieces. Only problem I have now is I put up one video every 5 days and I need to start cranking out new audio tracks to go with 'em!

The CopyCat multi from Patching Panda is a great first kit, pretty simple one to get you over the hump of finishing the first. Video in the playlist.