I started last year with my rack after asking for your advice, and after a lot of changes this is what I arrived to (edit: if I was being a bit vague, this thing is not a plan any more, it exists phsysically :) ). It's a Mantis case, and this is the first time I feel that I'm comfortable with it and don't feel an immediate need to swap a module for something else. That's why I'm asking you, in which direction would you take this thing:

ModularGrid Rack

As a context: this is a pure hobby case with the sole goal of having fun without staring at a computer screen. I'm not (publicly) performing and not publishing any music. I basically enjoy just sitting down with a basic patch idea and expanding on it. Somehow I frequently end up with some techno-ish stuff...

I was originally planning to add more VCAs, but at the moment I feel comfortable with the Quad VCA that I have, also considering that Twin Waves and Ikarie both have built in ones. I also feel that the Zadar channels themselves can be modulated enough without additional VCAs. I might add some more in the future as my technique improves (if it ever does).

I was also originally planning to have a Quadrax instead of the Zadar, but the 4 HP difference proved to be more important. At the moment I'm using Maths for the snappier envelopes.

What I'm thinking about adding if I ever decide to expand:
* Mixing with effect sends. At the moment I'm connecting my 4x Stereo Mixer and my VCA sum always differently to the output module and to my effects. This could use some standardisation :)
* I find that I love filters. I would like to have more.
* I think I could use some more tightly controllable clocked modulation. Maybe something like a Maestro.
* Ring modulator, I don't have a "through zero" VCA at the moment.
* Something to improve how the complete mix sounds. Worng Soundstage, Jumble Henge or some EQ-Modules maybe.
* Maybe a Morphagene...

Thanks for your opinions!

Optimize, actually. I did a rework of this, came up with...
ModularGrid Rack
Audio in the top row, modulation/control in the bottom. By clarifying the signal paths in this way, it becomes much easier to wrap ones' head around what's actually going on. There's really only ONE change I would suggest as far as modules, that being to replace the Zeroscope with an Intellijel Dual VCA ii, then placing this alongside the 3xMIA so that you've got your mixer/distro AND your modulation amplitude controllers all in one place. The Zeroscope is sort of a "luxury", and in smaller builds, it's important to minimize/eliminate things like that so that everything has actual synthesis functionality. Other than that, it's a pretty solid build.

I originally tried to put most of the modules to the top row that have a screen and knobs on top, and patch points on the bottom, to make tweaking easier. Pam is top middle, because it's often my most patched module, and I was thinking that it needs to be as close as possible to everything else.

Thanks a lot for taking the time for this. I copied it over to my designs, I'm going to go over the changes you made.