Hi looking from some advice before filling out the last 12hp
purpose of this rack is to have live performance/recording, without sameples or anything

I have already purchased all the other modules(like an idiot) and left with 12hp realizing that I need more VCAs

For sequencer/hands-on-control I've got Arturia beatstep Pro in action
And for mixer/output I've got 1010music BlueBox

I have mutable inst Links as well, but not sure If I want to put it in(cause I'll be left with only 8hp)

so in conclusion I'm looking for module(s) to fill that empty 12hp(or 8hp including links)

After my own research I came up with 3 modules. Instruo Vinca, 2hp VCA and 2hp ADSR, but not sure If its right

I'm open for new suggestion and I'm thankful for those who take a look

I would get rid of the Mordax in favor of using the 16HP for other utility type modules. You already have two oscillators in the build (which is probably too much in a small build like this) and you have two other large modules in Maths and Morphagene. You could probably benefit from FX Aid XL (or just the regular FX Aid), Frap Tools 321, and maybe a small mix module as well. I would also recommend you consider a multifunctional module like ornament and crime and/or Disting EX...yes, you have to do some menu diving with those modules but in smaller setups like this its almost one of those 'trade-offs' that you have to consider to get as much functionality/HP as you can.

There are other awesome people on the forum who will be able to probably do better exact recommendations but as someone who has a couple smaller builds myself, those are things I would consider.


Post a link to your rack rather than a picture. Modular Grid will reference a picture of your rack but then I can just click it and take a deeper look at your modules.

Here is your primary issue. Your case is too small. That's the beginning and the end of your problems. Everything else is just a bandage at this point. You're going to go around and around trying to make choices and compromises when one of the cheapest things that you can do is just get a bigger case. A Mantis (for example) has 208HP of space and is under $350.

Everyone tries to build their modular battleship in a bathtub and they run into this problem over and over and over again. Skiffs and small racks are NOT for beginner systems. It's a terrible place to try and save money and you f--- yourself over every.single.time.

Sell the old case. Buy a bigger one.

they run into this problem over and over and over again
-- Ronin1973

You see it happening over and over again. Each of them is going through it for the first time. Teachers have to keep this in mind.

@LJRo, the Mordax Data is a good learning and debugging tool, but your case is too small for it. Even with it removed, your system is going to be limited and probably frustrating. If you stick with this case, you will at a minimum have to get rid of one of the larger modules. The better option is to think about a bigger case, and do some planning, with proper choices for envelopes or function generators, VCAs, and utility modules. You don't have to get it all at once; you can grow into it, if you choose judiciously.