ModularGrid Rack

Can anyone recommend a compact in and out module for my compact rig? Currently I'm going out to a tiny mackie mixer, but I'd like to have a stereo headphone output built in plus main stereo outs and also an instrument input for things like external synths like my Op1 or volca, or electric guitar or contact mics even. The input is really only for processing in clouds or patching sounds to the dual looping delay.

thank you

a Pittsburgh Modular outs would do one half of what you need. currently FS

+1 on the outs but it's not the exact solution you're looking for. Might check out Circuit Abbey's Gozinta and Gozouta although no 1/4", or if you consider 10hp compact Intellijel's Audio Interface II looks like it would be exactly what you're looking for.


I'm using a Makenoise 104HP Skiff at the moment, so although the intellijel looks good, I've got to now keep things slim. I'm thinking of getting a MI Frames to run parasite sequencers, so that will only leave me with 4HP. I may hang on a bit longer then and get to grips with everything a bit more for now then. The DLD is cool, but I thought I'd be able to use it more for building up layers of loops a bit easier. Perhaps it's a shift in my composing, I'll give it a go, otherwise I might replace this with an alternative type of looper.