I keep seeing the Soundforce Dual Filter (https://www.modulargrid.net/e/soundforce-dual-filter) in various racks and videos and would love to hear from people using it. I keep hesitating about buying one, after all price wise it looks amazing. So, any thoughts about this dual filter would be really useful - in helping make a decision one way or the other.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Joesh,

I was at the Superbooth 2021 at the Soundforce booth and I heard a demo of the DCO (2021 version, four of them actually) in combination with the VCF/VCA 6 module (thus not the dual filter you are referring to), and that seriously sounded fantastic. I think on the Internet/YouTube you can find one or two videos about it and/or on Soundforce's website.

Sorry that I don't have any demo I can let you listen at. I consider two DCOs and that VCF/VCA 6 module, that's serious stuff indeed :-) If I ever get to that I might upload a demo of that here in the You section but I think that would take quite some time since I have planned first quite a few other things to buy before getting at this Soundforce stuff.

Kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Garfield, thanks for the info.

I have indeed seen some of the videos featuring the DCO, the VCF/VCA and the have a very interesting Dual LFO too now (https://sound-force.nl/?page_id=4428), which I'm hesitating on buying to replace my Doepfer Quad LFO module - I think it's also in kit form.

As for the Dual Filter, DivKid does a long review, which is great. However, what I was interested to discover is some hands on testimonies from those who spend their hard earned cash on the module, to find out what other people think.

Thanks anyway.