This is one for owners of the Steady State Fate Vortices mixer

It feels like a mixer that should or could live right in the middle of the rack as you end up with a load of patch leads heading to it from all angles. So where do you have yours?

Also does anyone have any suggestions of another mixer that would pair well with the Vortices?

I had Vortices on my short list for a long time. I ultimately chose a different route for similar types of sounds. I was planning on pairing it with the Worng Soundstage. I thought that might give me the best of both worlds. Only issue with the Soundstage is the lack of integrated individual VCAs, but that's easily handled upstream in a larger rack.
I know what you mean about the Vortices cable spaghetti. I suppose it's a good design if you are looking to save space, but if space isn't an issue it becomes an ergonomic concern. I have mixers at the bottom right of my rack, and had planned to put Vortices there even with the funky I/O setup.
Good luck finding a spot for it.

There is always something you could add to the feature list of modules.

The Vortices could almost do with being upside down. Lots of tendrils cables.