Stereo channel 1 of SSF Vortices is the IRv4 with added Sine wave going through the DannySound Timbre and then into Mimeophon.
Stereo channel 2 of SSF Vortices is the IRv4 Drum-Output going into a bit of delay from the Erica PICO DSP.
Stereo channel 3 of SSF Vortices is the IRv4 with a nice wash of Monsoon Clouds Reverb.
DivKid / Istruo Ochd and 2hp RND are doing all the CV control of IRv4 along with swiping the Color control on Mimeophon.

Excellent dream-like landscape. I've enjoyed it all the way through.

Hey, thanks very much :)
There is definitely lots of scope for ambient sound, the little clicky static crackle stuff is great to add a decayed natural feel.