Hi team. I’m looking to get thoughts on this. I want this to be a sample based sound palace. Minimal sources actually generated in this I know. Thinking that a Krog sq1 can act as an external sequencer and clock. Minor modulation / structure with Ochd and 2hp tm. One robust voice with added potential from Mimeophon. Clouds clone and Mimeophon brings the weird…external link to pedals and a lil 4 channel mixer connects to the outside world. Morphagene is the heart of all this with tiptop acting as a supplemental valve. I don’t know if I need the tiptop (though I appreciate Throbbing Gristle a lot)…maybe a filter or something better? I like recording and looping stuff…found sound and vocal bits. Not looking to create highly structured pieces but would like to grab structure when it happens. Anyway…what am I missing, what am I getting wrong…all that.
And thank you.

start with a bigger case with a better power supply - you'll need it soon enough

start with as few modules as you think you can and learn those inside and out before adding more (and then repeat and repeat and repeat)

the tiptop tg one was afaik limited edition and so probably very difficult to source

if you want some tg goodness see the gristleizer modules from future sound systems

turing machines are often used for pitch - but require quantization

modulation - you'll want more - ochd is a decent start but something that's more controllable - ie triggered from a clock might be a good idea (Pams perhaps as it includes the clock) - as well as envelopes to turn the gate from the sq1 into something more than on/off signals - maybe an adsr module or Maths or Zadar or something similar

I'd also add more utilities - a wide ranging subject - sequential switches, logic, mixers of various sorts, attenuators etc etc - these are what add variety to patching and make patches interesting

see my signature for a philosophy of how to get the most variety from your modular for the least money - utilities tend to be, relatively, inexpensive

hope this helps and have fun

"some of the best base-level info to remember can be found in Jim's sigfile" @Lugia

Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

+1 on the cab advice. In order to add the "helper modules", you WILL need more space than this. My suggestion would be Tiptop's Mantis...one of the best values in Eurorack cabs right now.

A beefier sampler would also help here, too...if you need something that can grab stuff on the fly and then screw with it, my recommendation would be 1010's Bitbox 2.0. Not only is it fully-featured, you get an SD card slot for loading files to it via your DAW for live use later. And it works pretty well in live use as well. Morphagene and Mimeophon are also a really good pairing with that. But again, fix the cab size first.

looks like an excellent fun machine! will you be ok with no clocked modulation? well, does turing machine 2hp count...

and yea as others have said above. maybe a zadar or batumi would be a good call. small too. youll still have to cut something though...